Thanks for a great weekend. We will see you next year!

What Is This Thing, Anyway?

mayofest is a 3 day music festival where you camp in the middle of the woods on a private lake.

Mayofest is a celebration of all the good things that summer has to offer. It begins early one Friday afternoon and continues on until Sunday morning. Mayofest is a chance for you to bring your friends to our private site, make some awesome new friendships, listen to some live music, play some games,hang out on a pirate ship, hike up the famous “EASY MOUNTAIN”, eat great food, drink great beer /drinks from our licensed bar and enjoy the weekend at our private lake!

Wait.. Membership?

We're incorporated as Lumberjack's Lake and Suns, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing you the best event of the summer. Our charter makes us a members-only association. This means if you want to join us at Mayofest, you must be a member.

Visit the MAYO STORE to purchase your membership!

 As a LLS Member, you're entitled to the following:

  • Access to onsite and offsite LLS-managed events (Mayofest, Mocktoberfest)

  • Periodic communication about important organizational information

  • Access to the Annual Member Meeting (AMM) where Voting Members can vote on the future of LLS

  • We're working on perks and discounts too! Stay tuned for that!

Friday Lineup:


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Was it the Walrus:

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Saturday Lineup:

Jumpin’ Joel Flash:

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The Cardboard Crowns:

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